• Client hospital employers who directly employ the candidates RDCwork presents to them; some of these offers come from signing and/or relocation bonuses that are paid on the first paycheck, usually 3-4 after employment starts. 
  • No money is given upfront. The candidate must have the financial means to relocate themselves and cover airfare, housing (rent & deposits) and any expenses like meals, toiletries, furniture, transportation, etc...) 
  • Client nurse provider employers; these employers cover all expenses related to the NCLEX in addition to 30 days' accommodation and airfare for the candidate in exchange for a 30-month signed employment commitment.
  • With this employer RDCwork prepares you on behalf of the client to take the NCLEX in Puerto Rico and you leave with your RN license to practice in the state of employment as an RN from day one of employment.
  • Timeline is about 4 to 6 months.
  • Young grads are encouraged to apply. 

Advantages of RDCwork

nurse providers

private hospitals

RDC has multiple employment opportunities throughout the United States for staff RN’s and each one has its requirements; therefore RDCwork looks for qualified people to fill these excellent opportunities.

How does RDCwork operate?

Minimum Requirements

  • An academic degree in nursing; ASN, BSN or MSN
  • English fluency - speak, read & write English; NCLEX and Boards of Nursing require it
  • It is the official language of the United States and it's critical to successfully execute daily job duties.
  • At least 2 years recent experience in clinical setting (Hospital) working in a Registered Nurse position, practices/internships do not count towards this experience. 
  • Current Nursing License for State of employment or willing to obtain thru endorsement or NCLEX
  • Willing to relocate to the USA within 30 days of receiving & accepting job offer
  • Commitment and dedication necessary to embark on a new career in USA


Advantages of RDCwork services compared to other agencies:

  • Unlike other placement agencies that come to Puerto Rico to recruit, RDCwork is a Puerto Rican direct placement agency; 
  • RDCwork is not your employer, we are a partner committed in assisting you in your employment search. 
  • RDC is a “No Fee” Placement Agency – candidates never pay for a job